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Diamonds vs Moissanite | Blogs

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Is moissanite a better option?’ This is the question facing many couples when considering purchasing their wedding sets. Today, it is not a question of how many carats a couple can afford but is it a better investment to forgo a diamond and purchase moissanite stone instead. Originally created by Charles and Collard over 20 years ago, this man-made gem "boasts more brilliance and fire than a diamond" (Chicago Tribune, 2003). Moissanite is created from silicon carbide crystals and is therefore slightly less hard than a diamond but is still extremely durable. At Farsi, we often combine moissanite with diamonds in our designs. It is impossible to tell the difference when looking with the naked eye. Because it so closely resembles a diamond and because it is so durable, many choose to use moissanite for repairs as well, "I have a diamond earring that I lost, so I had the exact one made with moissanite and no one can tell it's not a diamond,"(Sue Schlotter, former manager of Farsi Jewelers) Is moissanite the right choice for you?"

Farsi Jewelers was featured in an article by the AJC for our use of Moissanite. We invite you to click on the link below and read the article (via the Chicago Tribune) for yourself.

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